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  • Myanmar, Part II: The Beautiful Burmese

      It is very difficult to identify a culture’s people we adore as much as the Burmese.  Eternally open, joyous and exuberant with life, they are at the very heart of our experience in their country and certainly the memories and images we took away from it.  While we spent a total of four days in Yangon and Mandalay, the two principal cities, [...]

Serbia: Bad Boy of the Balkans

May 15th, 2016|Serbia|

  Serbia is a land of tensions, conflicts, contradictions. One commentary characterized it as a place where those factors are centuries old but are never truly forgotten and forgiven. Certainly the country’s history over the twentieth century has made it “The Bad Boy of the Balkans,” for it [...]

Back To The Present: The Croatian Coast

April 28th, 2016|Croatia|

  Our return to Europe and to our RV Romy was early this year, as we arrived in Frankfurt on the 29th of March from Dubai where we visited daughter Shadee and granddaughter Sophie, now nine years old.  From Frankfurt we immediately took two trains to Dulmen and by that [...]

Remembering Icarus: Epilogue–Across the Atlantic and Sold

April 21st, 2016|Florida, France, Italy, Mediterranean Sea|

  Mid April of 2003 found us back in Gaeta, Italy, and contemplating whether to continue sailing or to move on to other things.  We loved our life on Icarus, and certainly found the Mediterranean to be fascinating for its varied cultures, and we are not 'island hopping' types so [...]

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