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  • Myanmar, Part II: The Beautiful Burmese

      It is very difficult to identify a culture’s people we adore as much as the Burmese.  Eternally open, joyous and exuberant with life, they are at the very heart of our experience in their country and certainly the memories and images we took away from it.  While we spent a total of four days in Yangon and Mandalay, the two principal cities, [...]

Colorful Colombia

February 4th, 2018|Colombia|

No South American country has captured the attention of North Americans for the last thirty years or so as strongly as Colombia. It is the third largest exporter of coffee in the world, and even today the leading manufacturer and exporter of cocaine. It has a nearly endless [...]

Portugal’s Spectacular Atlantic Coast

September 17th, 2017|Andorra, Portugal, Spain|

  Leaving Lisbon and Sintra behind, we jumped on the motorway and headed back down south as fast as Romy could take us. Our intention was to follow the Atlantic coast from Cabo de Sao Vicente--the most western point on the European continent--as far north as we could manage [...]

A Winter in Portugal

September 10th, 2017|Portugal|

  We were so long enamored of Spain that moving on to Portugal was difficult, and it didn’t start well. We crossed the border on a cold rainy day and went on in the gathering darkness to a campground close by the border. It was the worst we encountered [...]

At Last–To Tibet!

September 3rd, 2017|China, Tibet|

Our little band of twelve was warned more than once by our Mountain Travel guide, Sanjay, that before departing for Tibet, we had to give up any guidebooks we might have on Tibet as well as any books or images of the Dalai Lama we might be carrying. We [...]

Color Saturated Nepal

June 10th, 2017|Nepal|

  Nepal has always been primarily a Hindu culture rather than what most Westerners think of as a Buddhist one.  In many ways it resembles and reminded me more of India than what I would next encounter in Buddhist Tibet.  When the Chinese invaded and occupied Tibet, many [...]

Bonnie Does Bhutan

May 6th, 2017|Bhutan|

  The photo above is of  Paro Dzong in Bhutan, a country I’ve dreamed of going to since it opened to tourism in 1974. It is geographically isolated, squeezed between India to the south and China to the north, and has long maintained a policy of strict isolationism [...]

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