2019-01-02T21:10:21-07:00March 25th, 2013|Categories: Guatemala|

  Of all the great Mayan ruins, Tikal is perhaps the crown jewel.  First settled in about 700 BC and reaching its peak in about 250 AD, it continued to be a major religious, political and commercial center until the disintegration of the Mayan world in about 900 [...]

Rio Dulce and Livingston

2019-01-02T21:10:21-07:00March 25th, 2013|Categories: Guatemala|

  From Panajachel we drove the better part of the day across Guatemala City and off the highland plateau down into the eastern lowlands toward the Caribbean.  We were headed for the Rio Dulce, a spot we had both wanted to see for a long time, Dave since [...]

A Little More of Antigua and on to Lake Atitlan

2019-01-02T21:10:21-07:00March 24th, 2013|Categories: Guatemala|

  The last day we had in Antigua was spent wandering to those parts of town we had not spent much time exploring.  We were staying in the Tourist Police Campground which turned out to be but a block or two from both the bus terminal and the [...]

Into Guatemala and Amazing Antigua

2019-01-02T21:10:21-07:00March 7th, 2013|Categories: Guatemala|

  Somewhere someone wrote that if you liked Chiapas you will love Guatemala, and that is exactly our experience.  We left San Cristobal, where we enjoyed about five more days with our friends there and prepared for the trek into Guatemala, and drove south for about four hours [...]

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