Antarctica: The End of The World

2019-01-02T21:10:10-07:00March 17th, 2018|Categories: Anarctica|

Antarctica has always been that unknown, mysterious, furthest of all continents, not even sighted until 1820 and untouched by man until 1895 when a Norwegian team first set foot upon it.  Twice the size of Australia yet 98{e91edd8b5cd6d50d258497576336ddb12081f3c7cc3076c4ff68e4d1e3eb955f} covered by ice over 6000 feet thick, it accounts for 90{e91edd8b5cd6d50d258497576336ddb12081f3c7cc3076c4ff68e4d1e3eb955f} of the world's total.  [...]

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