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Dave and Bonnie

Our story in short ….

Our American home on the road is our 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon, named Dan The Van. We have already traveled over 160,000 miles in him since buying him in 1991, have slept in him for well over two years in total, and have beefed him up for the rough roads of Mexico and beyond with a more powerful engine, a new and much more rugged suspension and a general cleanup and refitting of most of his important parts. We spent lots of time in Mexico, particularly in San Miguel de Allende, and took Dan to Guatemala and Belize in 2013.

In 1997 we bought Icarus, a thirty-nine foot catamaran, and then spent most of the next six years sailing the length of the Mediterranean in the warm months of each year. We sailed as far as Lebanon, Israel and Syria, and traveled overland to Jordan and Egypt as well. Most summers were spent on the coasts of Spain (particularly the Balearic Islands), Italy, Croatia, Greece (the mainland as well as the islands) and Turkey.

In between sailing in the Med and traveling around the U.S., Mexico and parts of Central America in Dan, we did a good deal of backpacking travel in other areas of the world. In the winter of 2004-2005 we spent almost six months backpacking around Southeast Asia including Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia and Laos. We had a brief three weeks in China in October of 2007 and then spent four months traveling through Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa over the summer and early fall of 2008. From December of 2009 to March of 2010 we traveled in India, Sri Lanka, Borneo and Singapore. And in the spring of 2014 we stole five weeks in Argentina.

In 2000 we bought a lovely historic home in Santa Fe, New Mexico and had wonderful times there when we were not traveling. We sold that home in September of 2014 and are now nomadic. And between 2006 and late 2012 we also managed to work a total of almost three years each at Yahoo, Google and Salesforce.

In early summer of 2014 we spent ten weeks in Europe, this time tent camping in the Balkans and Greece.  What we learned was that while we had spent years in Europe we had little experience outside its capitals and that we wanted to come back and spend more time there exploring its countryside and more remote locations, particularly those in Eastern Europe.

So in October we came back and bought Ramblin’ Romy, a twenty-four foot motor home with all the furnishings of a modest if tiny apartment.  Like almost all motor homes and camper vans in Europe, she is built on a Fiat truck chassis and has a four cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with six forward gears. At the moment she is the closest thing we have to a home.

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